Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



7.1 / 5.5 hours played
Global Total
ll Unlocked-1
Axe Tools Collected-1
Broken Equipment-3
Completed Repairs-4
Cooked Foods-7
Crowbar Tools Collected-2
Crushed Props-0
Eaten Coffee-1
Ending Any-0
Ending Betray-0
Ending Die-0
Ending Secret-0
Ending Shot-0
EndWith Full Party-0
End With Full Party Check-0
First Reflector Charge-0
Food Cooked-4
Food Cooked Coffee-1
Food Cooked Noodles-1
Food Cooked Potatoes-0
Food Cooked Soup-2
Food Cooked Vegetables-3
Forgotten Heroes-0
Get Abnormal Laugh-1
Get Colorblind-0
Get Crusher-0
Get Cultist-0
Get Devourer-0
I don't need this-0
Get Gluttony-1
Get Granny Glasses-0
Get Hallucinations-0
Get Hyperopic-0
Get Mumbling-0
Get Myopic-0
Get Night Vision-1
Get Reversed Utility-1
Get Shakespeare-0
Get Swearing-0
Lottery ticket part 5 received-0
Lottery ticket part 4 received-0
Lottery ticket part 1 received-0
Lottery ticket part 3 received-0
Lottery ticket part 2 received-0
Get Want Home-0
Get Whisper-1
Get White Noise-1
Hammer Tools Collected-2
Handsaw Tools Collected-2
Insert Alien Key In Alien Reactor-0
Lonely Game Wins-0
Lonely Game Wins Check-0
Picklock Tools Collected-1
Pistol Shots-0
Reanimated Heroes-1
Reanimated Third Hero-1
Run Furnace-6
Saved Doors Check-1
Sawed Boxes-7
Shovel Tools Collected-2
Smoked Cigarettes-0
Smoke Ten Times-0
Started Generators-8
First Madness-1
Saved Doors-0
Lottery ticket received-0
Toolkit Tools Collected-3
Tools Collected-7
Trap Used-0
First Aid Kits Used-3
Zone 1 End-1
Zone 2 End-1
Zone 3 End-0
Zone 4 End-0
Zone 5 End-0
Zone No Sleep-0
Zone No Sleep Check-1