Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



0 / 5.5 hours played
Global Total
ll Unlocked-0
Axe Tools Collected-0
Broken Equipment-0
Completed Repairs-0
Cooked Foods-0
Crowbar Tools Collected-0
Crushed Props-0
Eaten Coffee-0
Ending Any-0
Ending Betray-0
Ending Die-0
Ending Secret-0
Ending Shot-0
EndWith Full Party-0
End With Full Party Check-0
First Reflector Charge-0
Food Cooked-0
Food Cooked Coffee-0
Food Cooked Noodles-0
Food Cooked Potatoes-0
Food Cooked Soup-0
Food Cooked Vegetables-0
Forgotten Heroes-0
Get Abnormal Laugh-0
Get Colorblind-0
Get Crusher-0
Get Cultist-0
Get Devourer-0
I don't need this-0
Get Gluttony-0
Get Granny Glasses-0
Get Hallucinations-0
Get Hyperopic-0
Get Mumbling-0
Get Myopic-0
Get Night Vision-0
Get Reversed Utility-0
Get Shakespeare-0
Get Swearing-0
Lottery ticket part 5 received-0
Lottery ticket part 4 received-0
Lottery ticket part 1 received-0
Lottery ticket part 3 received-0
Lottery ticket part 2 received-0
Get Want Home-0
Get Whisper-0
Get White Noise-0
Hammer Tools Collected-0
Handsaw Tools Collected-0
Insert Alien Key In Alien Reactor-0
Lonely Game Wins-0
Lonely Game Wins Check-0
Picklock Tools Collected-0
Pistol Shots-0
Reanimated Heroes-0
Reanimated Third Hero-0
Run Furnace-0
Saved Doors Check-0
Sawed Boxes-0
Shovel Tools Collected-0
Smoked Cigarettes-0
Smoke Ten Times-0
Started Generators-0
First Madness-0
Saved Doors-0
Lottery ticket received-0
Toolkit Tools Collected-0
Tools Collected-0
Trap Used-0
First Aid Kits Used-0
Zone 1 End-0
Zone 2 End-0
Zone 3 End-0
Zone 4 End-0
Zone 5 End-0
Zone No Sleep-0
Zone No Sleep Check-0