Judgement: Recommended

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The goal of the game is simple: You have to build an catproof pillow fort to be able to read a book in the attic.
The thing is there is more than meet the eyes at first and the story behind the situation is certainly one of the cutest I read. I won't spoil it because it's part of what makes this game so nice and there is nothing better than letting yourself being surprised by the reason why there are so many lap obsessed cat in the house.

I'm playing that game in the background when I'm doing something else (aka discussing with people, doing a quest on a MMO or roleplaying) and it's exactly the sort of game you can enjoy by focusing fully on it or doing something else at the same time. You have as much time as you want to prepare your defense against the catlaps, so taking break to do something else is 100% possible.

Pro :
- The game and its story are offendly cute. Prepare yourself to melt and get cavicies out of it.
- Time management easy and comfortable.
- Cat memes.

Con :
- So far only one and very specific, on contrary of most games nowaday it launches on the top left corner instead of the middle. It wouldn't be so much of a trouble would I not have my taskbar on top, but fact is I do and since you can't resize the window manually, I'm forced to unlock the taskbar > switch it down > move the window > switch the tasbar back up > lock the task bar every single time I want to play.

Review posted on 16/03/2019, 05:23:00.