Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



10.4 / 12.4 hours played
Total entries
Player score
Player rank
Chapter 1 Normal3397193806381325747
Chapter 1 Amateur146601--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 1 (Public Assembly)73432--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 2 (The Mines)33108--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 3 (Village)27336--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)23692--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)20770--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 6 (Missile Area)19838--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 7 (Ship Deck)18328--
Mercenaries Solo Stage 8 (Prison)17150--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 1 (Public Assembly)49333--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 2 (The Mines)34482--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 3 (Village)30306--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)26770--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)23508--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 6 (Missile Area)22101--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 7 (Ship Deck)20927--
Mercenaries Duo Stage 8 (Prison)20365--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 1 (Public Assembly)28339--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 2 (The Mines)6655--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 3 (Village)5456--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)3910--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)3331--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 6 (Missile Area)3303--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 7 (Ship Deck)3089--
Mercenaries No Mercy Stage 8 (Prison)3231--
Chapter 2 Normal2608279191734257159
Chapter 3 Normal227692--
Chapter 4 Normal217064--
Chapter 5 Normal186366--
Chapter 6 Normal168641--
All Chapters Normal152418--
All Chapters Veteran83218--
Chapter 1 Veteran160801--
Chapter 2 Veteran124381--
Chapter 3 Veteran113730--
Chapter 4 Veteran109281--
Chapter 5 Veteran96849--
Chapter 6 Veteran91518--
All Chapters Professional25051--
Chapter 1 Professional50780--
Chapter 2 Professional36891--
Chapter 3 Professional33803--
Chapter 4 Professional32252--
Chapter 5 Professional28111--
Chapter 6 Professional27022--
All Chapters Amateur71632--
Chapter 2 Amateur113861--
Chapter 3 Amateur101229--
Chapter 4 Amateur96680--
Chapter 5 Amateur87604--
Chapter 6 Amateur79741--
Slayers Stage 1 (Public Assembly)5324--
Slayers Stage 2 (The Mines)1427--
Slayers Stage 3 (Village)1360--
Slayers Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)862--
Slayers Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)989--
Slayers Stage 6 (Missile Area)765--
Slayers Stage 7 (Ship Deck)981--
Slayers Stage 8 (Prison)1354--
Survivors Stage 1 (Public Assembly)5153--
Survivors Stage 2 (The Mines)1280--
Survivors Stage 3 (Village)1493--
Survivors Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)737--
Survivors Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)882--
Survivors Stage 6 (Missile Area)644--
Survivors Stage 7 (Ship Deck)964--
Survivors Stage 8 (Prison)1160--
Team Slayers Stage 1 (Public Assembly)1182--
Team Slayers Stage 2 (The Mines)405--
Team Slayers Stage 3 (Village)349--
Team Slayers Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)198--
Team Slayers Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)244--
Team Slayers Stage 6 (Missile Area)180--
Team Slayers Stage 7 (Ship Deck)197--
Team Slayers Stage 8 (Prison)285--
Team Survivors Stage 1 (Public Assembly)1723--
Team Survivors Stage 2 (The Mines)439--
Team Survivors Stage 3 (Village)642--
Team Survivors Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)186--
Team Survivors Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)223--
Team Survivors Stage 6 (Missile Area)189--
Team Survivors Stage 7 (Ship Deck)274--
Team Survivors Stage 8 (Prison)253--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 1 (Public Assembly)42370--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 2 (The Mines)17625--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 3 (Village)14009--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)11352--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)9815--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 6 (Missile Area)8921--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 7 (Ship Deck)7984--
Mercenaries Reunion Solo Stage 8 (Prison)7000--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 1 (Public Assembly)22525--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 2 (The Mines)14335--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 3 (Village)12230--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 4 (Ancient Ruins)10310--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 5 (Experimental Facility)8977--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 6 (Missile Area)8125--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 7 (Ship Deck)7317--
Mercenaries Reunion Duo Stage 8 (Prison)6925--
Lost in Nightmares Solo Normal21084--
Lost in Nightmares Solo Veteran10494--
Lost in Nightmares Solo Professional4981--
Lost in Nightmares Solo Amateur15302--
Lost in Nightmares Co-op Amateur7354--
Lost in Nightmares Co-op Normal24290--
Lost in Nightmares Co-op Veteran18581--
Lost in Nightmares Co-op Professional6165--
Desperate Escape Solo Normal17215--
Desperate Escape Solo Veteran7781--
Desperate Escape Solo Professional3044--
Desperate Escape Solo Amateur13876--
Desperate Escape Co-op Normal19408--
Desperate Escape Co-op Veteran13071--
Desperate Escape Co-op Professional3753--
Desperate Escape Co-op Amateur5454--