% of players
Unlock date
YesReckless Killing

Kill Everyone in the intro

86.6%04/10/2017, 11:56:09
YesCompleted the Game

Completed the entire game at least once

84.74%04/10/2017, 15:24:50
YesObstacle Course

Came first on the Obstacle Course

83.92%04/10/2017, 12:02:48
YesTry Cosplay

Try a little cosplay with Kaori

81.12%04/10/2017, 14:45:54
YesSpreading Rumours

You Spread Rumours about Hiro & Jiro

76.07%04/10/2017, 13:38:22
NoSeduce and Drug

Drug the Principal for Information

YesAsumi the Swot

Get a perfect score in Tactics with Sen

70.43%04/10/2017, 13:47:43
YesSkipping the Intro

Skipped the intro on second playthrough

59.94%04/10/2017, 15:36:25
YesTrue Love #4

Saved the World and fell in love #4

59.86%04/10/2017, 15:34:38
YesKaori Suggestion

Suggest to Kaori she is your type too

58.89%04/10/2017, 14:04:12
NoDying Alone

Completed the Dying Alone Ending

YesImpressive Poetry

Impress Kami with your poetry skills

55.02%04/10/2017, 13:18:22
YesThe True Assassin

Assassinate the kidnappers after they talk

52.82%04/10/2017, 14:57:33
YesDeath of Hikari

Completed Death of Hikari Ending

48.99%04/10/2017, 15:37:17
YesThe True Justicar

Completed the 'canon' ending to the game

48.45%04/10/2017, 15:26:12
NoHikari's Unrequited Love

Completed Hikari's Unrequited Love Ending

YesMercy if for the Weak

Completed Mercy is for the Weak Ending

48.18%04/10/2017, 15:26:31
NoTrue Love #1

Saved the World and fell in love #1

NoMineko Falls

Killed Mineko at the End

NoTrue Love #2

Saved the World and fell in love #2

NoTrue Love #3

Saved the World and fell in love #3

NoUtsuro Falls

Killed Utsuro at the End



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