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Unlock date
YesGreat Catch!

What's under the table cloth?

92.26%01/02/2020, 08:36:19
YesReset The Dominos

Restore the board to a clean state.

87.1%01/02/2020, 08:28:05
YesSaw Through Time

Saw the plank. Next, get a hammer.

82.85%01/02/2020, 08:39:34
YesGone Fishing

Arina’s at the end of her rope.

74.2%01/02/2020, 08:54:35
YesReach For The Sky

Pluck the moon right out of the sky.

49.01%02/02/2020, 06:39:02
YesThe Gardens Complete

Friends apart, memories remain.

48.25%02/02/2020, 07:01:36
YesGame Over

Super Silly Crow is defeated.

32.02%01/02/2020, 08:31:41
YesDon't touch that!

Arina really shouldn't be pressing buttons.

19.27%02/02/2020, 06:51:21
YesMoving In

A sneaky stowaway Garden Friend.

16.24%01/02/2020, 09:37:43
YesNew Friends

A Garden Friend is hiding in the Esky.

15.78%01/02/2020, 09:38:23
YesFound You!

Release the hidden Garden Friend.

15.63%02/02/2020, 07:06:33
YesStaying Up Late

Super Silly Crow escapes the TV.

15.33%01/02/2020, 09:39:27

A Cosmic Garden Friend phones home.

15.33%02/02/2020, 06:39:57
YesOur Secret Clubhouse

A Garden Friend sneaks a look.

14.87%01/02/2020, 09:40:02
YesMischievous Discoveries

A Garden Friend follows on a school trip.

14.72%01/02/2020, 09:58:39
YesAn Expedition Goes Down The Drain

A Garden Friend gums up the pipes.

14.11%01/02/2020, 23:15:01
YesFriendly Fire

Arina throws popcorn at Frendt five times.

10.93%01/02/2020, 22:51:15


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