% of players
Unlock date
YesPotty Trained

Use a toilet and achieve the highest mastery level

99.75%14/09/2019, 13:08:12
YesBig Knocker

Kill an enemy by knocking another enemy into them

84.12%14/09/2019, 13:15:20

Find 10 costume pieces

82.9%15/09/2019, 16:11:32

Become mutual followers with 10 people in South Park

82.46%15/09/2019, 15:50:49
YesClass Warfare

Equip powers from 2 different classes

74.37%21/09/2019, 16:20:46
YesToxic Environment

Loot 100 Biohazard items

74.15%15/09/2019, 15:55:31
YesDiabetes Defender

Defend a helpless child from a drunk lunatic

69.49%21/09/2019, 17:52:18
YesCosplay Curious

Wear costume pieces from 3 different sets at once

68.83%21/09/2019, 16:42:01
YesPasta of Prophets

Craft a macaroni picture for Moses

67.61%15/09/2019, 16:22:34

Craft 10 distinct recipes

67.28%15/09/2019, 17:15:25

Reach the highest rank on 1 title in your Character Sheet

66.83%21/09/2019, 16:33:21
YesCall in a Favor

Use a Summon

63.51%22/09/2019, 15:53:24
YesChaos Controlled

Foil the plans of Professor Chaos

56.97%29/09/2019, 01:03:38
YesCharacter Sheet Elite

Reach the highest rank on 5 titles in your Character Sheet

54.53%29/09/2019, 01:03:38
YesEpic Artificer

Craft an Artifact with a Might value of 75 or more

53.75%29/09/2019, 01:03:38
YesDeep Seated Power

Obtain and equip Artifacts to reach 600 Might

51.87%29/09/2019, 15:14:44
YesDeath Dodger

Keep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take twice their max Health in damage

51.65%06/10/2019, 18:34:29
YesAn End to Racism

Stop racism in South Park

50.54%29/09/2019, 23:48:13
YesMaster Manipulator

Confuse or charm an enemy into defeating another enemy

50.1%21/09/2019, 16:18:04
YesGlitch of Death

Use TimeFart Glitch to cause a status-effected enemy to lose their turn and die at turn's end

49.65%29/09/2019, 14:40:43
YesInvasive Tumor Removal

Defeat Mutant Cousin Kyle

45.11%06/10/2019, 16:24:18
YesThrough the Bowels of Time

Survive the farts of future past

41.45%06/10/2019, 17:31:45
YesDivine Wind

Successfully Fartkour to the Lofts at SoDoSoPa rooftop and back down again

39.79%29/09/2019, 14:48:25
YesFriend Finder

Acquire and unlock all Summons

35.02%30/09/2019, 20:56:41
YesLast Kid Standing

Win while 3 Allies are downed at the end of combat

34.8%29/09/2019, 22:24:05
YesMaster Classed

Equip powers from 4 different classes

31.59%29/09/2019, 22:52:06
YesStop, Drop and Roll

Win a combat by using TimeFart Pause to kill all remaining enemies at once before time resumes

30.15%29/09/2019, 01:03:38
YesFully Bloated

Unlock all combat TimeFarts

24.05%06/10/2019, 16:19:14
YesCorporate Wolf

Reach the highest economic value on your Character Sheet

20.84%29/09/2019, 22:33:50
YesOrgy of Power

Use all Allies' Ultimate powers once during the game, except the Coon's

19.95%29/09/2019, 21:45:03
YesFarts over Freckles

Pick a fight with Morgan Freeman and defeat him

10.2%06/10/2019, 18:28:33
YesBoy Love Aficionado

Find all Yaoi art pieces

8.65%29/09/2019, 22:59:11
YesPick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps

Collect all loot in the Homeless Camp at SoDoSoPa

7.98%30/09/2019, 20:34:55
YesCrappin' Forte

Use every available toilet in South Park and achieve the highest mastery level for each

6.76%29/09/2019, 16:31:11
NoThe Token Experience

Create a Black character and complete the game on Mastermind Difficulty



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