Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



6.7 / 10 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesWelcome to Beef City

Customise a character on the character customisation screen

67.18%08/02/2019, 19:50:14
YesSafety Warning

Escape from a grinder hazard on the grind stage

42.93%08/02/2019, 20:05:18
NoSea Legs

Escape from the water on the buoy stage

YesSelf Storage

Get inside a shipping container on the containers stage

34.6%06/03/2019, 06:35:00
YesShort Wave

Defeat an enemy wave in the waves game mode

33.84%06/03/2019, 06:26:20
YesIn Transit

Get inside a truck on the trucks stage

26.77%08/02/2019, 20:03:10
NoRoast Beef

Escape from the incinerator hazard on the incinerator stage

NoBig Head

Concuss an enemy with a diving headbutt

NoBucket List

Pass through the orange chute on the girders stage

YesDrop Kick

Concuss an enemy with a diving kick

13.89%07/03/2019, 01:18:49
NoKeep on Trucking

Climb onto the roof of a truck on the trucks stage

NoGround Floor

Break the cables supporting an elevator without falling on the elevators stage

NoSpecial Delivery

Break the cables supporting a container without falling on the containers stage

YesBuoy ‘o buoy

Climb to the highest section of the buoy on the buoy stage

7.83%06/03/2019, 06:36:36
NoSit Down

Collide with the seating and the railings on the ring stage


Win a game of football without the opposition scoring in the football game mode

YesLong Haul

Pass through three road signs on the trucks stage

3.03%17/03/2019, 23:40:43
NoHang Tough

Break the cables supporting a gondola without falling on the gondola stage

NoStep Down

Break the stairs on the towers stage