% of players
Unlock date
YesInto the well

You found the well where you discover your powers.

94.33%28/01/2019, 00:01:01
YesStayed at the inn

You stayed at an inn and healed your party.

85.35%12/02/2019, 00:02:40
YesFound strange key

You found the strange key to unlock a strange world.

82.35%14/02/2019, 12:27:29
YesGot to the Mystic Mountains

You have arrived at the Mystic Mountains, a terrifyingly mystical place.

79.36%13/02/2019, 18:32:05
YesGot Healed

You used a nun's magical powers to restore all of your health.

79.36%13/02/2019, 18:38:35


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