Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



7.1 / 2.3 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesInto the well

You found the well where you discover your powers.

94.33%28/01/2019, 00:01:01
YesStayed at the inn

You stayed at an inn and healed your party.

85.35%12/02/2019, 00:02:40
YesFound strange key

You found the strange key to unlock a strange world.

82.35%14/02/2019, 12:27:29
YesGot to the Mystic Mountains

You have arrived at the Mystic Mountains, a terrifyingly mystical place.

79.36%13/02/2019, 18:32:05
YesGot Healed

You used a nun's magical powers to restore all of your health.

79.36%13/02/2019, 18:38:35