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YesThanks Obama!

Get a lesson in healh insurance from Nurse Julie

100%11/01/2019, 06:57:40
YesIf you could see what I can see...

"Clean" the window of stray patriots.

98.81%11/01/2019, 06:59:50
YesJust checking!

Ask Consuela for your compensation

86.9%11/01/2019, 07:42:39
YesI discharged myself!

Force Nurse Julie to discharge you

83.33%11/01/2019, 09:28:33
YesThe color purple

Administer a grape soda drip

83.33%11/01/2019, 09:24:45
YesSee that car!?

Arrange to meet The Bleeding Heart

82.14%11/01/2019, 09:14:13
YesI am who I am

Prove your identity to Consuela

82.14%11/01/2019, 09:29:58
YesCollect call!

Take the phone booth with you as you pass through

82.14%11/01/2019, 09:39:46
YesUsed cars

Try to buy a Patriotmobile from a used car dealer

82.14%11/01/2019, 08:46:31
YesA big hole

Try to buy a Patriotcave from a real estate agent

80.95%11/01/2019, 08:47:11
YesWe're in the money!

Finally persuade Consuela to give you your compensation

79.76%11/01/2019, 10:00:26
YesSay cheeseburger!

Take a photo of Kyle as himself

79.76%11/01/2019, 09:58:33
YesIn the frame

Arrest a hero for attacking Nurse Julie

79.76%11/01/2019, 10:14:16
YesI'm special!

Get an S-Class driving license in record time

79.76%11/01/2019, 09:46:29

Convince a hero that Nurse Julie is murdering her patients

79.76%11/01/2019, 10:09:17
YesDon't get even, get mad!

Get angry while playing while struggling with a puzzle cube

79.76%11/01/2019, 09:54:10
YesYou spin me round round...

Get into a spin in the revolving doors

79.76%11/01/2019, 09:50:39
YesSupreme caught!

Offend Mel with the name of your superhero group

78.57%11/01/2019, 10:19:31
YesAn icy threat

Complete Issue 2

78.57%11/01/2019, 10:22:04
YesKick the tyres

Test the durability of the Heartmobile's tyres

51.19%11/01/2019, 09:32:24
YesA friend indeed!

Ask Kyle if he feels any pain since becoming The Purple Patriot

48.81%11/01/2019, 09:57:56


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