Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



20.3 / 9.1 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesMagical Globe for Rent

Bring 3 Starites to Lily and unlock the world map

84.78%15/12/2018, 06:27:16
YesMake it Yours

Make a new object using the Object Editor

83.17%16/11/2018, 15:02:38
YesHelping Hand

Get all the Starites in any level

74.21%15/12/2018, 06:51:08
YesPatches and his Kite

Bring 8 Starites to Lily

63.99%15/12/2018, 07:41:21
YesRex the Dinosaur Hunter

Bring 12 Starites to Lily

55.83%15/12/2018, 18:02:18
YesMaxwell in Disguise

Change your Avatar

52.5%15/12/2018, 18:02:42
YesYarrr, matey!

Bring 16 Starites to Lily

50.2%15/12/2018, 19:18:56
YesTry This Instead

Create an object using the Object Suggestor

50.09%16/11/2018, 15:05:18
YesChillin’ with Chilly

Bring 24 Starites to Lily

39.75%15/12/2018, 20:59:13
YesTony and the Outlaw

Bring 30 Starites to Lily

33.66%15/12/2018, 22:00:19
YesBubbles’ Magical Aquatic Adventure

Bring 40 Starites to Lily

26.77%16/12/2018, 01:57:26
YesWindow Shopping

Download a custom object from another player

25.39%15/12/2018, 19:19:24
YesBuzzing to the Stars

Bring 50 Starites to Lily

22.17%16/12/2018, 02:47:03
YesSister Savior

Bring 60 Starites to Lily

18.5%16/12/2018, 03:46:11
YesBrotherly Love

Help all 40 of Maxwell’s brothers

8.62%16/12/2018, 23:59:08
NoLiving Large

Get all object Shards in the Living category

NoFood Fight

Get all object Shards in the Food category

NoCars, Trains, and Planes

Get all object Shards in the Vehicle category

NoFun with Weapons

Get all object Shards in the Weapon category

NoPlaying with Gadgets

Get all object Shards in the Tech category

NoJamming Out

Get all object Shards in the Music category

NoFashion Statement

Get all object Shards in the Clothes category

NoThe Kitchen Sink

Get all object Shards in the Misc category

NoNotepad Explorer

Get all 217 object Shards

NoStarite Get!

Get all 106 Starites