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YesThree names... and three bullets

This isn't a coincidence.

96.55%22/09/2018, 16:38:54
YesA girl called Alice

You found Alice, but are you listening to her?

81.74%22/09/2018, 16:42:04
YesBe careful where you park your car

It fell in the sea.

68.07%22/09/2018, 16:48:24
YesI have to

He has to die.

64.37%22/09/2018, 16:52:59
YesI can't

Should you really go ahead if you are this uncertain?

63.8%22/09/2018, 17:04:02

What's it going to be?"

63.51%22/09/2018, 17:04:56

A cold night...

63.51%22/09/2018, 16:55:44
YesArtificial artificial intelligence

Artificial artificial?

63.51%22/09/2018, 17:02:19
YesA bright light

You should be able to find it from there.

63.37%22/09/2018, 17:02:09
YesI don't need revenge

I just want to see how much of this room can be painted in blood.

63.37%22/09/2018, 17:05:34
YesSome mysteries remain unresolved

Completed the game with Ending C.

63.37%22/09/2018, 17:05:37
YesThere are some things that will always catch up to us

Completed the game with Ending F.

63.37%22/09/2018, 17:06:56

What's it going to be?

63.09%22/09/2018, 16:57:40
YesSomeone else

Alice is blushing.

62.37%22/09/2018, 17:06:16
YesBut you deserve it

This is as close as you're going to get.

62.09%22/09/2018, 17:02:29
YesAn unstoppable force hits an immovable object

Completed the game with Ending S.

61.8%22/09/2018, 17:02:37
YesKill her

This might be the only way to discover who you really are.

61.8%22/09/2018, 17:16:20
YesNothing happens by chance

Completed the game with Ending Y.

61.8%22/09/2018, 17:19:15
YesA devastating realisation

Completed the game with Ending X.

61.52%22/09/2018, 17:16:45


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