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Unlock date

Try to put the axe in the box

100%11/09/2018, 18:50:22

Try to put the pillow in the box

99.67%11/09/2018, 18:50:47

Put the cactus in the box

99.34%11/09/2018, 18:49:52
YesKey to the Planes

Try to put the key in the box

98.9%11/09/2018, 18:52:04
YesSecret Garden

Try to put the bonsai in the box

98.58%11/09/2018, 18:49:32
YesThe Orient Express

Put the toy railway in the box

97.92%11/09/2018, 18:51:23
YesNeat Subterfuge

Try to put the picklock in the box

97.48%11/09/2018, 18:50:18
YesThe Eye of Satan

Try to put the magic amulet in the box

96.82%11/09/2018, 18:51:03
YesSolid Security

Put the credit card in the box

91.68%11/09/2018, 18:55:13

Put the jackhammer in the box

91.35%11/09/2018, 18:55:54
YesSay Meow!

Put the canned cat food in the box

89.92%11/09/2018, 18:58:31
YesDirty Mouth

Put the megaphone in the box

89.49%11/09/2018, 18:57:49

Put the guinea pig in the box

89.49%11/09/2018, 18:57:07
YesDrink Me

Put the milk package in the box

89.16%11/09/2018, 18:59:09

Put the ice axe in the box

89.16%11/09/2018, 18:58:46
YesYo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

Put the parrot in the box

88.39%11/09/2018, 19:00:06
YesDonald Quack

Put the rubber ducky in the box

88.06%11/09/2018, 19:00:32

Put the guitar in the box

87.73%11/09/2018, 19:01:18
YesThe Yellow Canary Mission

Put the empty cage in the box

87.73%11/09/2018, 19:01:45

Put the swiss army knife in the box

87.4%11/09/2018, 19:02:22

Put the gun in the box

86.97%11/09/2018, 19:02:43

Put the artificial eye in the box

86.64%11/09/2018, 19:03:33

Put the doll in the box

86.31%11/09/2018, 19:04:24

Put the card key in the box

86.31%11/09/2018, 19:03:57
YesDown The Spiral

Put the corkscrew in the box

85.87%11/09/2018, 19:04:44
YesLantern Corps

Put the flashlight in the box

85.87%11/09/2018, 19:05:37
YesTea Party

Put the teaspoon in the box

85.87%11/09/2018, 19:04:58

Put the shampoo in the box

85.87%11/09/2018, 19:06:05
YesMagic School

Put the spell book in the box

85.54%11/09/2018, 19:07:12
YesDemon's Voice

Put the spirit board in the box

85.54%11/09/2018, 19:06:47
YesGreat Pack Rat

Beat the game

85.54%11/09/2018, 19:07:12


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