Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



4.1 / 2.1 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesReckless Killing

Kill Everyone in the intro

86.6%18/03/2018, 20:25:16
YesCompleted the Game

Completed the entire game at least once

84.74%22/03/2018, 00:45:08
YesObstacle Course

Came first on the Obstacle Course

83.92%22/03/2018, 01:32:07
YesTry Cosplay

Try a little cosplay with Kaori

81.12%22/03/2018, 00:17:58
YesSpreading Rumours

You Spread Rumours about Hiro & Jiro

76.07%19/03/2018, 23:33:31
YesSeduce and Drug

Drug the Principal for Information

71.52%21/03/2018, 23:58:58
YesAsumi the Swot

Get a perfect score in Tactics with Sen

70.43%21/03/2018, 23:30:37
YesSkipping the Intro

Skipped the intro on second playthrough

59.94%22/03/2018, 01:06:03
YesTrue Love #4

Saved the World and fell in love #4

59.86%22/03/2018, 00:53:04
YesKaori Suggestion

Suggest to Kaori she is your type too

58.89%21/03/2018, 23:41:36
YesDying Alone

Completed the Dying Alone Ending

58.41%22/03/2018, 01:02:34
YesImpressive Poetry

Impress Kami with your poetry skills

55.02%18/03/2018, 20:56:43
YesThe True Assassin

Assassinate the kidnappers after they talk

52.82%22/03/2018, 00:28:01
YesDeath of Hikari

Completed Death of Hikari Ending

48.99%22/03/2018, 00:57:45
YesThe True Justicar

Completed the 'canon' ending to the game

48.45%22/03/2018, 02:38:17
YesHikari's Unrequited Love

Completed Hikari's Unrequited Love Ending

48.38%22/03/2018, 00:55:45
YesMercy if for the Weak

Completed Mercy is for the Weak Ending

48.18%22/03/2018, 00:59:56
YesTrue Love #1

Saved the World and fell in love #1

45.17%22/03/2018, 02:36:04
YesMineko Falls

Killed Mineko at the End

45.11%22/03/2018, 01:04:19
YesTrue Love #2

Saved the World and fell in love #2

41.56%22/03/2018, 00:49:50
YesTrue Love #3

Saved the World and fell in love #3

39.56%22/03/2018, 00:45:15
YesUtsuro Falls

Killed Utsuro at the End

34.8%22/03/2018, 02:30:43