Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



Games won by Lypiphera

The Flame in the FloodBorderlandsBorderlands DLC: The Zombie Island of Dr. NedBorderlands DLC: Mad Moxxi's Underdome RiotBorderlands DLC: The Secret Armory of General KnoxxBorderlands DLC: Claptrap’s New Robot RevolutionSilenceLife is Strange™Life Is Strange - Episode 2Life is Strange - Episode 3Life Is Strange - Episode 4Life is Strange - Episode 5LivelockMinion MastersMinion Masters - Premium UpgradeSakura Swim ClubWar for the OverworldArmelloNarcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology ProjectSpace Hulk AscensionThe WitnessPsychonauts

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